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BNS Holiday Gift Guide

Kari Traa Rose Women’s Merino Base Layer Half-Zip

Super-hot and warm, too! With Kari Traa’s eye for a flattering feminine cut, the fine Marino wool isn’t just soft against the skin, it’s breathable and odor resistant as well. This top performs great as a baselayer and is sure to show some style après ski!


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Craft Gunde Short Wind Brief

A must-have for any male who is active outdoors in cold weather. Featuring the remarkable moisture management that Craft is famous for, the Gunde short’s defining feature is the GORE Windstopper® that provides critical protection in cold and windy conditions. A perfect gift to show him that you care!


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Salomon S/Race Prolink Skate Boot

An all-new boot from Salomon, this boot draws from the heritage of the long-lasting S-Lab line. The S/Race utilizes a new upper material that provides an even more comfortable fit than before while the Prolink sole provides great snow-feel and full compatibility with NNN and Turnamic platforms. Updated styling identifies the boot as a premium product, aligning it with the $900+ S/Lab Carbon boot used on the World Cup by Jessie Diggins, among others.


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Airtrim Cold Air Mask

Aerobic activities in cold weather can be challenging for many and Airtrim has come up with a comfortable, easy-to-use solution. The Cold Air Mask was even spotted at the top of Mt. Everest a few years ago, utilized by climbers without supplemental oxygen!


The Cold Air Mask can be used for many different applications with multiple interchangeable filters that warm air and allow for different amounts of airflow. For those suffering from asthma, a dedicated filter helps to warm the air as much as possible. In racing situations, other filters can be used that maximizes airflow.


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SkiGo Hummer Pro Lobster Mitt

For those in your life suffering from cold hands during outdoor activities, wouldn’t you trust the Swedish? “Hummer” translates to “lobster” in that part of Scandinavia; these gloves provide incredible warmth while still fitting comfortably in pole straps. The lucky recipients of your gift of Hummer Pro Mitts will surely think of you every time their hands are not cold!


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SkiGo Flexible Glove

A great product for those who value a glove that can be used in a wide range of conditions. The Flexible is a light glove, perfect for warmer days, racing, or for those who “run hot;” but still offers warmth and protection from cold and wind thanks to an over-mitt that easily deploys from the wrist—even while skiing!


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Swix Women’s Romsdal Long Down Jacket 

Warm, stylish, packable and…on sale! Featuring real down fill, the Romsdal offers a seriously flattering cut that looks great around town. Thoughtful? Check. Warm? Check. Super cute? Check.

On sale: $144   Was: $240

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Holmenkol Natural Wax Liquid

Holmenkol Natural Wax Fluid is a truly “universal” wax for all snow types and temperatures. This wax not only performs well in the cold (unlike most universal waxes), it is made from sustainable sources (no petrochemicals) and is 100% biodegradable. Application is easy with an integrated sponge applicator and polishing felt. Use it for training or on waxless skis tip to tail to improve glide and protect the bases.

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SkiGo HF Universal Racing Glide Wax

Universal wax is ubiquitous in the ski wax world, but performance is generally only good enough for recreational skiers looking for a simple solution. Skigo has shattered that barrier with a truly “universal” racing wax. Available in HF and LF versions, SkiGo Universal wax is a high-quality racing wax that works well in aggressive cold snow AND warm, wet, soft snow. Many teams are using it in all conditions as a reliable base layer and focusing their energies on testing powders and topcoats instead of paraffin layers. The LF version ($70, 200g) is a great training wax and also good for wax standards in races that are LF-limited. HF Universal ($80, 45g) is an excellent racing synthetic paraffin. -18C/0F to +5C/41F.

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SkiGo Kick Wax Scraper

The SkiGo Kick Wax Scraper is so simple, it is ingenious. Two beveled edges peel away kick wax quickly and effectively. Small enough to fit in any kickwax carrier. It will change your kick-waxing life. Really.

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Holmenkol Pro Groove Scraper

Homenkol has done it again with their Professional Groove Scraper. It is a simple but unbelievably effective tool that makes easy work of scraping the groove. Most plastic tools work well for a while but eventually become rounded and dull or they break. This scraper has two aluminum cylinders at either end of a solid plastic handle that never dull and scrape wax so fast it startles you the first time you use it.

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Holmenkol Cross Structure Tool

This is the best structure tool available and should be the first structure tool in the wax kit.  When we are in a hurry and don't have the time or resources to test structure, we use this tool because we know it won't be bad, and probably would be the best structure if we were testing.  This wins structure tests about 80% of the time in normal mid-winter snow and even goes up into the wet and glazy against some very aggressive tools.


Use with one roller removed for colder, dryer snow with light glazing, or with two rollers in high humidity or when there is free moisture in the snow. An add-on kit with 4 additional structures is also available.

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