Date: 02/25/2023  Time: 08:00 am
Location: Hayward/Cable, Wisconsin
Event Website:

Weather Forecast
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Long-term weather in the Cable/Hayward area predicts daytime highs of 15F to 21F in the
days surrounding race day. Still a long way off, but this jives with what we usually see at the
Birkie. Overnight lows of 0F to 5F are also very typical for Birkie weather. There are a few minor
snow events predicted between now and race day, including some possible light snow on race
Check back for updates, or view the link above.

Wax Recommendation

Base Glide Layer Recommendation:

Without question, start with a first layer of Rode Graphite. This wax is incredible and will help with durability and static. Scrape and brush thoroughly. We recommend starting with a Holmenkol Horsehair brush and then using a fine or medium steel, bronze or copper brush. Finish with the stiffest white nylon brush, we recommend the Rode Hard Nylon Brush for this.

Race Paraffin Recommendation:

Rode R20 Blue or R30 Violet
Holmenkol Syntec FF Blue.
If you really want the ultimate in speed AND durability, mix the Rode Blue or Rode Violet in a 2:1 ratio with Rode Endurance. For Holmenkol, do the same with FF Blue & FF 21 2:1.
Endurance is one of the fastest and most durable waxes on the planet but needs the properties of the Blue or Violet to deal with colder snow. These waxes are perfect for the snow type we usually see at the Birkie and will be very fast.

Powder Recommendation:

N/A - Fluor Free Race

Topcoat Recommendation:

For Waves 1 & 2: Holmenkol Syntec FF1 or FF2 Blue liquid (depending on conditions) -OR- Rode Racing Liquid Extra Cold.
For Waves 3+: Holmenkol Syntec FF1 or FF2 Red Liquid -OR- Rode Racing Liquid Extra Cold.

If the forecast trends warmer than expected, be ready to go to Rode Med or Extra Med.

Ideally, put on the skis the night before and leave overnight. Longer drying/penetration time is better, but try for at least 30 minutes. Use a roto or hand wool or fleece, then brush out aggressively with a white nylon brush.

Structure Recommendation:

fine grinds such as S1.3 or even S0.3
Hand Structure: Our early recommendation is no structure -OR- one pass with the Holmenkol Cross Structure tool with ONE roller installed. No more structure than that will be necessary unless the forecast changes.

Kick Wax Recommendation:

Our early assumption is kick wax (not klister)
Iron in a layer of Rode Black Base Binder or Vauhti Super Base the night before after glide waxing and sanding the kick zone. Before applying the kick of the day, cork the binder to give it a little structure for the waxes to grab on to.
For race wax, look for the following kickers to be in play:
Rode B310
Rode B17
Rode Blue Multigrade
Swix Extra Blue or VP 40

If you want the ultimate in speed with no kick penalty, finish your race wax with one shell layer of Rode Alaska. This will provide speed
and not hurt your kick at all. Put a nice thin layer on top as your last layer, and cork it smooth. Try not to mix it in with the other waxes, but leave it as a thin, smooth outer shell.

This is an early recommendation and will change as we get closer to the events

Testing Results:
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Testing Discussion:
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