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Flex Tested, Hand Selected and Fit to You

We hand-select every pair of top-level race skis that we sell. This is a painstaking, expensive process, but it ensures that your skis will match what experience tells us makes an especially good ski.  We have invested heavily in the development of custom ski testing equipment that allows us to evaluate skis on a number of key benchmarks.  Combine that with hands that have squeezed thousands of pairs of skis over the years, bodies that have raced thousands of kilometers in every snow condition imaginable, and minds that have been consumed by skiing for 20 years, and you get world-class service.

Selecting top-quality skis is only the beginning, however.  We can coach you through the process of selecting a ski and lend our expertise to help you choose a ski that will complement your existing fleet and give you maximum performance in the desired snow conditions.  Once you have decided on a ski, if we don't have a perfect match in our inventory, we will special-order the ski and hand-select it to fit your specifications precisely.

Stone Grinding

Most ski manufacturers have improved their factory stone grinding dramatically in the past five years. But the top skiers still get their new skis ground. Why? Because the process we use would add too much to the cost of your skis if it was done in the factory. They do good work, but they do it incredibly quickly - in “production” mode. We do great work, and take care with every step.  More about stone grinding can be found on the Ski Service Page.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We can’t guarantee that every pair we pick will be world class - there are still some things we can’t measure. But when we do pick you a winning pair, you’ll know it’s not by accident.  That is why we guarantee all hand-selected skis that we grind unconditionally.  We know that the skis we pick are good, so we can take them back in exchange if you're not satisfied with performance.