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  1. BNS Rollerski Roundup 2023

    If you’re serious about your summer training, rollerskiing is the best way to stay fit, work those ski specific muscles, and make sure you’re ready to hit the trails when the snow flies in December. Buying rollerskis can be a daunting task, though, with so many options available and so many skis that, well, kind of look the same. Below...
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  2. BNS Wax Preview 2022-2023

    Taking what we learn in the field and from our test partners, Roger Knight writes up the most comprehensive insider guide to all things wax yearly. Here it is! What do we know? We can start by saying FIS dropped the ball again and reversed its complete fluoro ban, instead embracing an unenforceable partial ban allowing C6-chain fluorocarbons, but not...
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  3. Spring 2021 Wax Kit Specials

    We've assembled kits of our favorite waxes at that offer an easy way to build up your wax box while saving big with bundled products. Each kit has basic options with optional add-ons that help you save big on everything you need to kick and glide on snow. Holmenkol Liquid Glide Wax Kit One each of: Holmenkol Ultra Mix...
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  4. BNS Fluor Free Wax Update February, 2021

    BNS Mid Season Wax Review: Fluor Free Glide - What We Know With a half-season of testing and talking with trusted waxers and tech reps we are starting to get a decent sense of what is working well for glide waxes in the new fluoro-free era. While we are still searching for more clarity on some things and more new...
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  5. Finding Joy on the Gerbil Loop

    Finding Joy on the Gerbil Loop
    It’s that time of the year. Temperatures are cold enough for snow, and chances are pretty good that there is already an artificial snow loop open close to you.
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