Event Name:

Crested Butte Alley Loop 2021

Event Location:

Crested Butte, CO

Event Time:

Saturday, February 6 @ 8:00 AM

Event Website:

Weather Forecast:


Wax Recommendations: *NOTE! The 2021 Alley Loop has banned use of fluorocarbon waxes.

Baselayer Recommendation:

SkiGo XC Graphite

Race Paraffin Recommendation:

Rode R30 Violet Fluor Free or Holmenkol Ultramix

Powder Recommendation:

N/A, Race is fluoro-free

Topcoat Recommendation:

Holmenkol Ultramix Liquid or Rode Racing Liquid Med (violet)

Structure Recommendation:

Early racers should select a cold grid. For later in the day, adding the Holmenkol Cross Structure tool could add speed.

Kick Wax Recommendation:

Rode Blue Multigrade, Rode B310, or Holmenkol Blue with green top layer


Snow is cold and straightforward.

Test Restults:

  1. Rode R30 Violet
  2. Holmenkol Ultra Mix
  3. Holmenkol Beta Mix
  4. Rode R20 Blue
  5. SkiGo C380

BNS distributes Holmenkol and Rode waxes, and also sells waxes from Swix, Toko, Solda, Rex, Guru, Innovax, Magnar, and others. We search for the fastest waxes for our customers and our testing is professional, objective, and transparent. We make our best effort to test what we think is the best from each brand. However, given that we are testing more options from Holmenkol and Rode, there is a bias toward those brands.