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Air Trim Cold Air Mask

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Ercolina Ergonomic Ski Strap Handle Pair

Ercolina Mounting Rails Height Regulation

With the Ercolina Height Adjustment Kit you can change the height of the machine. It is also perfect for training people of different heights, who require the machine to be adjusted to different levels. For example in a family or in a ski club.


Height Adjustment Kit is composed of a pair of vertical guides in which the rear plate of your Ercolina Upper Body Power can slide. The machine can be locked at different heights.

Total length 20inches (50cm) with travel approximately 19" (47cm)

The guides must be screwed on the wall with dowels (available on request). Ercolina Upper Body Power must be put into the guides and locked with the fastening screws and the specific fixing plates.

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Manufacturer Ercolina
Manufacturer Ercolina
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