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Holmenkol Klister

Guru Klister

Guru kick waxes and klisters from Sweden are legendary fortheir wide range, speed and durability.

As low as $31.00

Until now it has been tough to get in the US, but now BNS will be distributing Guru, opening up a new level of kick wax performance. Absolute must-haves in the Guru Line are Extreme Hallgeir, Extreme39, and Extreme 39 Hard. The other waxes on this list are excellent as well.

BLUE 0ºc to -8ºc: Works well as a hardener and mixed with other klisters.

EXTREME 39 +7ºc to -2ºc: Incredible klister to mix with others for grainy and man-madesnow.

EXTREME 39 HARD +4ºc to -5 ºc: Tougher version of Extreme 39 works better in icy conditions.

RED +5ºc to +15ºc: Great klister in fine and coarse-grain snow & corn.

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Manufacturer Guru Wax
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Manufacturer Guru Wax
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