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Holmenkol Beta Mix Red

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Holmenkol Beta Mix Red 5x190g

Holmenkol Beta Mix Red 1kg Pellets Pastille

Holmenkol Betamix Red is an excellent Hydrocarbon wax for racing, training and service work.  Beta mix is one of the best-selling waxes in the world because it is fast and the low melting temperature is great for saturation of skis, cleaning by hot-scraping, or travel-waxing. 1kg pastille/pellets are for use in wax rollers or waxing machines.


This wax is legendary and is Holmenkol's best-selling wax.  It works very well as a base prep wax and easily saturates the base while providing durability. It is great training and racing wax due to it's high speed and broad temperature range.

Simple to use - no blending required.

Brilliant base and training wax - hydrocarbon formula, fluor-free. Top products that are highly valued and recommended by national teams and the ski industry.

For all types of snow, but especially fast on coarse-grained, dry, old and aggressive. -4C (25F) to -14C (7F). 

Iron 125-135C 

This product is 1kg bag of pellets for use in a wax roller or waxing machine. Beta mix is also available in bars of 2x35g, 150g and 5x190g.

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Manufacturer Holmenkol
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