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Holmenkol Alpha Mix Yellow liquid 250ml

Holmenkol Beta Mix Red liquid BULK 1000ml

Holmenkol Liquid Glide Waxes have the same amazing compounds as their famous iron-in glide wax counterparts, Alpha, Beta and Ultra Mixes in an easy-to-apply liquid form that has the bonus of improving speed over their iron-in cousins. Use liquid waxes to give your skis a quick boost and keep them running fast in between occasional iron-in glide waxing to keep the base conditioned and saturated.


New Liquid Wax variant of the well-known iron-in ski wax bar Beta Mix. Bulk Container 1000ml.

  • For snow temperatures from -4° C to -14° C (25° F to 7° F)
  • For all snow conditions
  • Fast and easy application
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Manufacturer Holmenkol
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Manufacturer Holmenkol
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