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Holmenkol RacingMix Wet 2x35g

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Holmenkol GW 25 High-Fluor Additive 2x35g

Holmenkol MATRIX YELLOW 0/2 150g

Holmenkol Matrix Yellow is an excellent racing wax for damp new and fine-grained snow as well as wet saturated snow.  This is a go-to wax for race base layers that wins glide tests at all levels.  Use it in fresh humid snow or any type of wet or saturated condition around freezing (0C to -2C).  Try the Black/Yellow for coarse, dirty or artificial snow.

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BNS imports Holmenkol and sells directly to you, saving significantly over other brands. And the Matrix line is superior or equal to any wax line out there.

Additionally, the Matrix line has varying levels of fluorination that are appropriate for each temperature range, but unlike other companies, Holmenkol lowers the prices correspondingly on the colder racing waxes. Compare prices per gram on these waxes versus other brands; you will not believe it.

Fluorinated racing wax formulations based on hybrid technology for nordic racing. Highly innovative raw materials used exclusively by HOLMENKOL give a level of performance that has never before been achieved. Unequalled top marks in acceleration, gliding properties, abrasion resistance, bonding, water and dirt repellance with an enormously wide range of uses. Mixing no longer required! Optimised for conventional, high-quality sintered and extruded ski bases.

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