Holmenkol Textile Wash Natural Capsules

Holmenkol Textile Wash Natural Capsules

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Holmenkol WooDo (Wool/Down) Wash 250ml

Holmenkol Prewash Sport

Holmenkol Stain remover for hard-to-clean athletic clothing. Works on all textiles, including technical garments.


Holmenkol PreWash Sport Stain Remover is a specially formulated and innovative pre-wash stain remover for sports and functional wear. It provides gentle and effective stain removal without damaging the fabric and is suitable for use on breathable membrane fabrics such as Gore-Tex. Works extremely well on stubborn stains such as blood, grass, earth, tennis sand waxes, resins, and lubricants.

Features and Specs.

  • Supplied in 250ml plastic bottle
  • For sports and functional clothing
  • Exceptional stain removal
  • Size: 183mm x 65mm x 37mm
  • Product Code 22232

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Manufacturer Holmenkol
Manufacturer Holmenkol
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