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Madshus Panorama M55 Ski

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Madshus Fjelltech M50 IGS Ski

Madshus Fjelltech M44 Ski

This ski will conquer it all from groomed and tracked skiing to firmer off-track terrain.


The Fjelltech series proved very popular last season. The use of skins instead of fish scales on a wider, metal-edged ski makes for excellent performance in a broad range of side-country conditions. The M50 is slightly wider than the M44, providing additional stability while the M44 is a bit lighter.

Ski Size Selection

There are a number of factors to consider when selecting the right backcountry or touring ski.  While each manufacturer has a different sizing guideline, in general there are 3 main variables: skier weight, height and experience. 

Madshus’s sizing is based on skier weight.  Less experienced skiers may want to size down if you are near the bottom of your weight range. More advanced skiers may want to size up if you are at the top of your weight range. A longer ski will be faster while a shorter ski will be easier to control.

Skier Weight     Ski Length

80lb-110lb              180

110lb-143lb            190

132lb-165lb            195

176lb+                    205

Please call if you have questions about sizing.

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