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Rossignol Overboot

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Madshus Boot Covers R19

Madshus Overboot

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Cross-country skiing in the cold can be challenging, but the right clothing and equipment can keep you warm and comfortable even in the most frigid extremes. Protecting fragile extremities is the biggest challenge. To keep your toes from limiting your skiing enjoyment, add a neoprene boot cover to cut the wind and add a layer of insulation.

Boot covers fit snugly and will not interfere with your movements. All you will notice is significantly warmer toes. You don’t need thicker socks or two socks to keep your feet warm—always use medium-weight socks to maintain your boot’s ideal fit and comfort. Overboots can be worn during races as well as every-day skiing. Boot covers can also help in slushy conditions where you want to keep the water out. Most high-end boots are nearly waterproof these days, but in rain and super sloppy conditions, adding a neoprene cover will keep your feet drier for longer.

For extreme cold or for those who have circulation issues, tape a chemical hand warmer over the toe of the boot and then pull on the boot cover so that the chemical warmer is between the boot and boot cover.

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