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October Stone Grinding Update

We are always testing new options and trying to develop new solutions that improve our stone grind offerings. We are also very conservative because our grind menu is full of grinds that work well. We emphasize grinds that work well in a broad range of conditions because the best solution for 99% of skiers is to have a few high-quality pairs of skis that will be good across a wide variety of snow conditions. Trying to have 10+ pairs of skis and grind combinations to cover everything only makes sense for elite skiers who have help managing and testing a large fleet. And even at that level, most teams and athletes have a small repertoire of grinds they are using and know well.

So, what's new for 2017-2018? Not much. We continue to test and get feedback on new and existing grinds, and our tests from 16-17 have not produced anything that pushes old grinds off the menu. We are getting more and more feedback that our S0.3 grind is an excellent go-to cold grind. We initially were using this as an extreme cold grind, and it knocked our previous skate grind off of our menu for those extreme cold conditions. As time went on, we started noticing that its performance at warmer temps was sometimes beating our long-time standard, S1.3, at temperatures we would have expected S1.3 to win. Many teams are now splitting the numbers on the S1.3/S0.3 grinds and for those who are skiing often in cold/dry regions, having an S0.3 and and S1.3 in the fleet makes a lot of sense. If you have an extreme cold ski, S0.3 is a great option to provide a broad-range structure that excels in all cold conditions, but especially cold, dry new snow.

We will continue testing and getting feedback on grinds to improve our industry-leading grind menu. Thanks, everyone who has tested grinds for us and helped us with feedback.

 As always, if you have more questions, give us a call: 877-BNS-SKIS.