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Wax Rec: Wasatch Citizen Series #1 12/16/17

BNS Wax Recommendation

Wasatch Citizen Series #1 12/16/17

Event Information:

Wasatch Citizen Series Classic Sprint race. Soldier Hollow – Midway, Utah. Race start at 10 AM for kids, approx. 10:20 AM for others.


NOAA forecast

Friday - Sunny, with a high near 42. South wind 3 to 5 mph.

Friday Night - Increasing clouds, with a low around 21. South wind around 6 mph.

Saturday - Snow likely, mainly after 11am. Cloudy, with a high near 35. West northwest wind 5 to 11 mph. Chance of precipitation is 60%. New snow accumulation of around an inch possible.


Base Layer: Ski*Go LF Graphite

Race Paraffin: Ski*Go Violet HF

Fluoro Powder: Ski*Go C44/7 Powder Topcoat: Ski*Go C44/7 Block

Structure: Finite L04

Kick: Guru Extreme Hallgeir or Start Oslo

Test Discussion:

It really depends on how much, if any, new snow occurs on Saturday. The snow should be all man-made, old and dirty if no new snow. The other thing to consider is the difference between the morning time trials and the afternoon finals – the temperature difference can be significant – especially for kick – hard waxes will probably work in the morning, but klister might be required in the afternoon.

New snow could also affect the glide wax as well – Ski*Go Red or Violet should work well if no new snow, but if new snow, then other waxes might work better (such as Holmenkol Racing Mix Mid, or Ski*Go Orange HF – or if you have any of the Ski*Go Green/Orange premix, that might be a good compromise). You might want multiple skis to cover both cases.

For fluoro powder – for the same reason as the base wax, the Ski*Go C44/7 might be the best bet – although the new Holmenkol Syntec Race Mid might be a good choice – again, it depends on whether we get any new snow. If it is really warm, then the Ski*Go CM10 or C22 might work.

For topcoats – Ski*Go C44/7 block or Ski*Go 44/7 liquid might be a good choice. It is always best to try topcoats out the day of the race.

For kick – if it is cold enough with new snow, then it shouldn’t be a problem – any number of kick waxes will work. The Ski*Go Violet HF is for newer snow and covers a very broad temperature range. If no new snow and cold – i.e. morning – the Guru Extreme Hallgeir or Super Hallgeir are specialty waxes for artificial snow, or the Start Oslo wax/klister waxes might be a good bet. For the afternoon finals, if it is really warm, then klister or skis with climbing aids might be the only option.