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Cold-Weather Gear Favorites

It's cold out there! Here are some of our favorite cold-weather accessories that keep us outside and active, even when it's frigid!

Hestra XC Over Mitt

Hestra XC Over Mitt

A shell mitten developed specifically for cross country with durable stretch polyester in palm. Designed to be worn as a second layer over your cross country gloves for added warmth. Easy to keep in your pocket and bring out when needed. Machine washable.

Developed to keep you at the optimal temperature throughout any workout in fair, cold and windy conditions. Be Active Extreme Windstopper® is made of a thin, lightweight and elastic micro polyester fabric and Gore Windstopper® panels. Air-channeled polyester expels excess heat away from the body while filament yarns transport the moisture. The Windstopper® panels are placed in exposed areas, providing wind protection and freedom of movement simultaneously.

AirTrim Cold Air Mask

AirTrim Cold Air Mask

Airtrim is a heat/moisture exchanger which recovers the heat and moisture from exhaled air. The filter heats the air you breathe in, protecting your air passages from the cold.
There are many different filter types - Sport, Asthma and Racing 1, 2 and 3. The Asthma filter gives the most warming (lowest airflow) and is for people with asthma or angina who suffer from breathing cold air. Because the asthma filter conserves heat more effectively, it can be used to help ward of hypothermia in the event of an accident. The sport filter is designed for low- to medium-intensity training, and the race filters for high-intensity workouts and racing.  Race 1 is the most resistance/warming, Race 3 is the least resistance/warming.
During continuous use the filter gets very damp, and you should clear it regularly by blowing vigorously through the mask. Avoid touching the wet filter as it tears easily. Allow the mask and filter to air dry. Always bring along spare filters on long training sessions and mountain trips. Spare filters must be kept dry. Filters that are adequately dried between uses should last 20-30+ sessions.
The Sport mask comes with one sport filter and one Racing 1 filter.  The Asthma mask comes with two asthma filters. Filter packs come in 2-packs of Racing 1, Racing 2, Racing 3, Asthma and Sport.  There is also a racing pack containing one each of Racing 1, 2 and 3.
Manufacturer's (English) web sitehttp://www.airtrim.se/eng/
Guru kick waxes and klisters from Sweden are legendary for their wide range, speed and durability. Until now it has been tough to get in the US, but now BNS will be distributing Guru, opening up a new level of kick wax performance. Absolute must-haves in the Guru Line are Extreme Hallgeir, Extreme 39, and Extreme 39 Hard. The other waxes on this list are excellent as well.


GREEN -6ºc to -20ºc
For cold, new snow and as a binder



SkiGo XC Kick Wax

SkiGo XC Green Kick Wax

Ski Go XC Kick Waxes have a broad range and work in difficult conditions.  The new 2008/2009 naming scheme simplifies things with Colors signifying rough temperature ranges.  Ski Go still emphasizes snow crystals and moisture over temperature ranges, however, so use the temperature ranges as a guide and concentrate on the snow type when using these waxes.  In fact, think that way when using all waxes...

XC Green (formerly Blue Special) -7..-20C / 19..-4F All snow types in cold conditions. A good overlayer on other kickwax with penetrating snow.

Alpina Overboot 14-15


Stay warm and toasty when the temperature drops this winter. These are insulated over boots that fit either skate or classic boots.  Available from nearly every boot manufacturer, overboots provide additional insulation wile adding very little bulk...you'll hardly notice they're there!

One of our favorite tricks is to tap a chemical hand warmer to the toe of your boot and pull the overboot over the top. Toasty!