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Wax Report: Masters World Cup 2018 - Race #1 1/20/2018 updated 1/19

Updated 1/19 11AM

We tested paraffins, powders, kick and top coats this morning from 9AM-10:30. The conditions changed over the course of the testing, but for the most part everything is relatively stable.All testing was done by feel.


Base Glide Wax: SkiGo LF Graphite, scrape and brush with Holmenkol Microfinish Steel.
HF Paraffin: Skigo HF Orange/HF Green mix 50/50 or Holmenkol Speedbase Mid.
Fluoro Powder: Skigo C44/7 (start after 9:45) or Holmenkol Race Powder Mid (starters before 9:45)
Top Coat: SkiGo C22 Solid
Kick: Guru Extreme 39 (cover with Guru Hallgeir Extreme for early starters)

Paraffin Test :

  1. Holmenkol Speedbase Mid
  2. SkiGo HF Orange/HF Green mix 50/50.
  3. SkiGo HF Violet
  4. SkiGo HF Universal
  5. Holmenkol Race Mix Mid

paraffins all felt very close. Speedbase Mid took off at the end of our testing, but otherwise there were not big differences in the waxes.

Powder test:

  1. SkiGo C44/7 Powder
  2. Holmenkol Syntec Mid
  3. Holmenkol Race Powder Mid

Also tested: Syntec Wet, SkiGo CM10, SkiGo OR, Skigo C105, Skigo C22

Top Coats:

  1. Skigo C22 solid
  2. Skigo C44/7 Solid
  3. SkiGo C22 Fluid
  4. Holmenkol Speedblock Mid 08

Also tested: SkiGo C44/7 Fluid, Skigo C55/99, Gallium Maxfluor Liquid


We tested hard waxes, and even early when it was colder, klister was far better kick. Hard wax just was not enough.

  • Guru Extreme 39 Klister (later starters)
  • Guru Extreme 39 klister covered with Hallgeir Extreme hard wax (early starters)
  • Rex Gold
  • Guru Red Hard Wax


The paraffins and powders did not reveal any surprises, but we were very surprised that liquids were not running faster. Usually in this type of snow they start to take off. 


For those using our BNS Race Wax Service, please drop skis at the BNS shipping container/waxroom from 10-2 Friday.