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Rottefella MOVE Binding System


UPDATE 12/10/'18: We are really excited about the Rottefella MOVE Binding launch, but unfortunately we ran out of our supply earlier than expected. We have heard that the bindings are on the ground in the US and we expect them to be in our stores the second week of December. It looks like we will only have the MOVE Switch/Binding combo that works on an NIS 2.0 plate that is available for $125. Availability window on all of the other options (MOVE Quicklock for Turnamic & NIS 1.0) is unknown at this point.
Check out more about the MOVE system below and call us to get your order in early so you can take advantage of all The MOVE system has to offer.

New from Rottefella this year is the MOVE Switch for its binding system. Building on the NIS platform, the MOVE system lets skiers change binding position dynamically and on-the-fly. The old NIS system provided a large range of binding placement, but to change the binding position, one had to stop skiing, remove the ski, adjust the binding, put the ski back on and go. The MOVE system adds a “MOVE Switch” at the front of a longer binding plate that allows a skier to adjust the binding position while attached to the skis. The adjustment can be made while stopped or even while gliding down a hill. It provides for 33mm of travel.

One question you might ask is: “why?” The short answer is this revolutionizes skin skis and classic skiing in general. Everyone loves the grip and ease of use of the new skin skis, but they can be slow, especially when the snow is colder and dryer. On waxable skis, we always have to balance waxing for kick versus waxing for glide. Having the MOVE Switch allows you to quickly and easily adjust your skin or waxable classic skis to the conditions and makes it easy to change for a long climb or downhill, colder/warmer sections of a training or racing course or just because you want more kick or glide. With waxable skis, you can apply more kick wax than you would normally to provide better grip, but still maintain glide via the Move binding. Simply move the binding forward for more grip and back for more glide. Finding the sweet spot is easy because it only takes a few seconds to reach down and make the adjustment.

The MOVE System can be made to work with any binding plate platform, including Turnamic® IFP plates, old-style NIS plates and the new Salomon/Atomic mounting plate. Rottefella has a new “NIS 2.0” plate that is longer than the previous NIS plate (now called 1.0) and has attachment points for the MOVE Switch. This plate comes on all new Madshus classic skis. The MOVE System does require an NIS binding be used, so SNS users will need to switch to a Prolink or NNN-compatible boot to use the system. NIS bindings are available for IFP (Turnamic®) plates.

The myriad combinations available can make this seem complicated, but what you need to know is that we can make this work on any platform. There are several pieces that need to work together: the Plate, the MOVE Switch and the binding. The plate typically comes with the skis.

The MOVE Switch is available separately and as a kit with a binding.


  • MOVE Switch for NIS 2.0 plate (includes Switch & Xcelerator Pro Classic Binding): $125
  • MOVE Switch Kit for Turnamic IFP®, NIS 1.0 and Salomon/Atomic (RMP) Plate: $150 (includes binding)
  • Rottefella Quicklock (MOVE Switch and Mount) for IFP, NIS 1.0: $75 (binding not included)