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Olympian Maddie Phaneuf Joins Boulder Nordic Sport

Olympian Maddie Phaneuf Joins Boulder Nordic Sport

Maddie Phaneuf


Just in time for the first snowflakes of the season, Boulder Nordic Sport is excited announce that 2018 Olympic Biathlete, Maddie Phaneuf, has joined its sales staff team in Boulder, Colorado.

An East Coast native, Phaneuf moved to Boulder earlier this summer where she is taking a mini-break from the racing circuit in her first year post-Olympics.

We caught up with Maddie to talk a bit about her plans for the year as well as what she is most looking forward to in her new role.  

BNS: How long have you been skiing and when did you get your start in biathlon?

Maddie Phaneuf: My family and I moved to the town of Old Forge in Upstate New York when I was eight years old and my parents threw my siblings and me on skis for the first time that winter. The small town of Old Forge is full of both both downhill and nordic skiers, so it was a very smooth transition when we joined the local nordic team and took downhill lessons.

I started getting into biathlon when I was 15 years old. The local biathlon club introduced the sport to my high school nordic team. I was learning how to shoot about once a week and that quickly lead to joining some training camps out East and going to more races!

BNS: You’ve been in Boulder for a few months, how are you liking it? What brought you out here?

Maddie Phaneuf: I’ve lived on the East Coast for the past 15 years and I’ve been looking for a change of pace for the last few years, but I was gearing up for the 2018 Olympics and I couldn’t really move out of Lake Placid easily. So once the Olympics were over, I decided the first year post-Olympics is the best one to take a mini break from the racing circuit. The other factor that made the decision to move easy for me is that my boyfriend goes to school at CU Boulder.

BNS: What are you looking forward to this winter while you take a mini-break from racing?

Maddie Phaneuf: I’m really looking forward to having a winter of freedom! I can’t remember the last winter I had to myself where I was free of competitions and had time to travel. I’m planning on doing a ton more downhill skiing this winter and will jump in a few local cross country and biathlon races to stay in shape. Right now, I’ve officially signed up for the Alley Loop 42km race in Crested Butte, which I’m really excited about! My only goals for the season are to enjoy every moment, and have FUN!

BNS: What are you most looking forward to in your new role at BNS?

Maddie Phaneuf: For me, BNS has always been a staple resource in the nordic skiing community. I’m excited to get to know my coworkers and really see more of the “behind the scenes” side of nordic racing.

Most of all, I’m just super excited to be giving back to the nordic community! It’s pretty crazy to go from racing on the World Cup and the Olympic stage to being behind the counter selling equipment. I’m hoping to share my knowledge with others and help with some biathlon and skiing clinics at BNS in the coming months.


- Learn more about Maddie Phaneuf and connect with her at maddiephaneuf.com. And check out the BNS Facebook page to learn more about biathlon clinics that Maddie will be leading this winter.