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New Madshus Redline 2.0 Skate and Classic Skis

Madshus Redline 2.0 Classic

Madshus Redline 2.0 was on target to be introduced in 2019-2020, but that date was pushed up to this season after initial testing and racer feedback. These skis are only available to Madshus racing centers. All of the Redline 2.0 skis at BNS were hand-picked by Nathan Schultz this summer in Norway. The Redline 2.0 Classic skis are an evolution of the wildly successful Redline classic ski with a stiffened transition from the bridge (center) of the ski to the tips and tails. The Redline is known for its abundantly available kick and silky smooth glide. It is definitely one of our favorites and our customers constantly tell us how much they love them. The 2.0 version continues the Redline legacy of performance and is available in three waxable models: a cold ski for specific hardwax conditions (K1), a warm mid-range model (K2) for warmer hardwax and klister covered conditions, and a dedicated klister ski (K3) for warmer klister conditions. Madshus also added the REDline 2.0 skin ski to its high-end lineup.



Madshus Redline 2.0 Skate

Like the classic ski, the Redline 2.0 skate ski was set to be introduced next season, but the release date was pushed to this year after initial testing and racer feedback. A limited number of REDLine 2.0 skis are only available at Madshus racing centers. Nathan Schultz handpicked all the Redline 2.0 skate skis at BNS this summer in Norway. The Redline 2.0 skate skis have a completely redesigned shape and camber profile that makes them radically different from the previous generation of Redlines. In our tests, the skis were incredibly smooth and stable, managing well in all of the conditions we tested. Racers gave us similar feedback and we saw great performances on prototypes of Redline 2.0 skate skis. We have limited stock, so don’t wait to get these, they will be gone quickly.