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BNS 2018-2019 Wax Update

BNS Wax Update

It has been a challenging year on the import side of the business, but we finally have SkiGo, Holmenkol and Guru in stock, and Airtrim and Magnar are on the way. If you have not already consumed Roger’s annual Wax Preview, check it out here. We have some highlights and new products that we’re really excited about:

SkiGo N21

We first got some of this to test in January of 2017 at the World Junior Championships. It blew away some of the best waxes we had in a wide range of conditions that really left an impression. With the two vials of this powder we had for the remainder of the season, we continued to be astonished at how well this worked and how wide the range of conditions were that it covers. Fast forward to the winter of 2017-2018 and the roll continued. N21 produced incredible skis at the Masters Worlds in Minneapolis, the Boulder Mountain Tour, and NCAA championships. And the customers who purchased it kept calling us and asking for more.

N21 is available as a powder and block and works in the range of -6C (21F) and above. It should be tested against C22 powder, CM-10 and C44/7 in most conditions except ice. It has a remarkable range and seems to destroy everything else around 0C (32F), especially when warming and not extremely humid. It also works well into the plus range when things get sloppy. Hand-corked and/or roto-fleeced N21 solid seems to run even colder than the powder’s range and will blow you away with how fast it makes your skis.

SkiGo HF Universal

SkiGo HF Universal came on the scene three years ago as a race service product and revolutionized the way we think about Universal waxes. Skigo added the wax to the regular line because it truly is a universal HF wax. It has the hardness of a P16 but also has a huge amount of fluoro in it. It works well in new and old snow and also across the range of cold to warm. HF Universal has won tests for us in as cold as -15C (5F) and as warm as +6C (43F). It truly is a must have wax. We are seeing a lot of teams use this as their Universal HF wax.


***Race Service Tip: Mix HF Universal with all HF waxes above green to increase fluoro content and the hardness of the wax. BNS has found that mixing HF Universal with HF Blue, HF Violet, HF Orange and HF Yellow in their specific conditions increases speed almost 100% of the time. ***

Holmenkol Syntec World Cup HF

New this season is the Syntec WC HF Wax line. This line is a part of Holmenkol’s multi-year effort to remake their wax line. Holmenkol uses the highest-quality raw materials in the Syntec line, with key proprietary ingredients synthesized in their own lab. This leads to a new product of the highest quality with increased water repellency and dirt resistance that is compliant with all EU fluoro standards. The Holmenkol Syntec WC HF line is in addition to the standard HF Racing Mix line, which is an incredibly simple and affordable racing wax line. BNS has not had the opportunity to test this line yet, but the reports from the end of year on the World Cup were very promising. Syntec WC HF waxes are available in Cold, Mid and Wet:

  • Syntec WC HF Cold: -12/-20C Fine, coarse and abrasive snow. Increased dirt and water resistance over standard HF. Iron Temp:120C-130C.
  • Syntec WC HF Mid: -6/-12C All snow types. Increased dirt and water resistance over standard HF. Iron Temp:120-130C.
  • Syntec WC HF Wet: 0/-6C Fine, coarse and wet snow. Increased dirt and water resistance over standard HF. We have very high hopes for this wax. Iron Temp:110C-120C.