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Holmenkol Syntec FF1 Liquid Wax

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Rode Racing Liquid Extra Glide Wax 80mL

Rode RL Racing Liquid Glide Wax 500mL

Rode Racing Liquid Glide Waxes are superior fluor free glide waxes for the new fluor-free racing era. With exceptional performance and durability, these glide waxes handle all conditions well. While they have the best performance for racing among the fluor free glide waxes, they are inexpensive enough to be used every day for training and ski prep.

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Cold (Blue): Air temperature: -5C ° ... -15C ° type of snow: cold snow with low humidity.
Med (Purple): Air temperature: -2C ° ... -7C ° type of snow: medium snow. snow humidity: wet
Warm (Red): Air temperature: 0C ° ... -3C ° type of snow: warm snow with higher moisture content.

FLUOR FREE liquid paraffin glide wax. Easy and fast glide wax solution with reduced preparation time for skis without sacrificing performance. Thanks to a special solvent, they penetrate the base comparably to that of paraffins applied with an iron, giving exceptional durability. Also to be used in training and for ski care. The aluminum bottle significantly reduces the use of plastic. The package includes a sponge pad for application. Cap is child proof.

Apply cold to a dry, ski, ideally room temperature, but can be applied in the field. Drip a small amount on the ski, spread with the pad to cover the ski with a thin layer. Let dry, polish with a nylon or horsehair brush, or rotofleece. We notice that increased dry time results in increased durability and performance. At least 15 minutes is ideal, overnight is great.
8o ml

Compliant with new EUROPEAN REGULATIONS ON CHEMISTRY in force since July 4, 2020

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Manufacturer Rode
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