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Rode Kick Basic

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Rex Grip Powder 477 10g

Rode Top Line Racing Kick Wax

Rode Race Service Kick waxes come straight from the World Cup and cover the challenging conditions around freezing - 0C/32F.

As low as $24.00

The containers are silver with the only label on the bottom of the tin with the intention of being able to have the wax on the table without giving away what you're using to your competitors.

  • VO: 0C/-2C all types of snow - falling snow
  • VPS: 0C/-1C all types of snow - falling snow 
  • VXPS: 0C all types of snow - falling snow

These three kick waxes are what all of the best coaches in the US call us about over and over. They are all amazing racing solutions for both speed and kick.

  • B17: -1C/-7C for new, manufactured or mixed snow this one is an amazing wax. It handles the 20’s like no other wax we have seen even when the snow is wet. Imagine having a wax with great speed and grip at 20F and 29F, B17 provides it. Can also be used down to 10F with no compromise in speed. Previously named WC Test.
  • B310:  -3C/-10C for new fresh and cold snow below freezing to 10F or even colder with great kick. It always amazes us when we put this wax on snow just how good it is. It provides a really solid kick with amazing release and speed in all snow crystal types but especially fresh or wet snow. Previously named WC Test.
  • BV15: -1C to -5C for older and artificial snow in the range where kick waxes start to fail . This is a faster version of Super Extra Blue with all of the kick. We have had success with this as a cover wax but it can be used for layering up as well.
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