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Rex Grip Wax 45g

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Rex TK-1814 Grip Wax

SkiGo XC Kick Wax


Ski Go XC Kick Waxes have a broad range and work in difficult conditions.  The new 2008/2009 naming scheme simplifies things with Colors signifying rough temperature ranges.  Ski Go still emphasizes snow crystals and moisture over temperature ranges, however, so use the temperature ranges as a guide and concentrate on the snow type when using these waxes.  In fact, think that way when using all waxes...

  • XC Yellow (formerly Silver Special) +5..-1C / 41..30F As the snow becomes more coarse than for orange. Try before moving to klister. 
  • XC Orange (formerly Yellow Special) +3..-2C / 37..28F For variable conditions around freezing.
  • XC Red (formerly Red Special) 0..-2C / 32..28F At freezing and just below. Good for improving grip with purple or blue in the 10-15cm just ahead of the binding. 
  • XC Violet (formerly Violet Special) -1..-9C / 30..16F All snow types. Works even outside range listed on tin. 
  • XC Blue (formerly Blue Extra -3..-10C / 27..14F Very durable. Works well in coarse snow. Can be warmed in as an underlayer for warmer waxes.
  • XC Green (formerly Blue Special) -7..-20C / 19..-4F All snow types in cold conditions. A good overlayer on other kickwax with penetrating snow.

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