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Rode Top Line Racing Klister 60g tube

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Toko Klister

SkiGo XC Klister

The Ski*go Klister line is all you need! The solution of perfect grip, glide and durability is easy to select. These klisters contain a Ski*go developed anti-freeze lubricant that influences the freezing point of free water under the kick zone. This significantly reduces the risk of the kick zone icing, which in turn means better grip and glide. 60g tube. 

As low as $15.00

Blue: -3C to -8C. For frozen and crusty snow conditions. When the track has become glazed due to a thaw-freeze cycle. Violet: +3C to -4C. For mixed snow, ice and crust conditions

Red: +5C to +1C For wet crystal (lost, or has very poor structure) snow. If the snow is wetter or dirty move to Ski*go.

Silver. When it is a lot warmer move to Ski*go.

Orange. When the glide is not enough and the snow structure is poor then mix with Ski*go.

Violet. If new snow is starting to fall on the track and produce mixed snow (old and new) then move to Ski*go.

Universal or Ski*go Orange as the temperature and wetness dicates. As the temperature drops move to Ski*go.

Violet or Ski*go Racing Warm +1/-3 as the snow structure dictates.

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Manufacturer SkiGo
Department Non-Fluorinated
Manufacturer Skigo
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