We've assembled kits of our favorite waxes at bouldernordic.com that offer an easy way to build up your wax box while saving big with bundled products. Each kit has basic options with optional add-ons that help you save big on everything you need to kick and glide on snow.

Holmenkol Liquid Glide Wax Kit

One each of:

  • Holmenkol Ultra Mix Blue liquid
  • Holmenkol Beta Mix Red Liquid
  • Holmenkol Alpha Mix Yellow Liquid
  • Holmenkol Horsehair Brush

These are 250ml containers, which is significantly more wax than most competitors and this will wax a lot of skis! This kit covers all temp ranges and snow types and is all you need to wax for the year. Check out all the great add-ons to this kit to save a bundle on brushes, roto tools and more.
Normal price $162, Special kit price $125.
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Holmenkol Advanced Liquid Kit

The above liquid kit plus a Holmenkol Roto Fleece. The roto fleece requires a roto handle and drill (both not included) to operate. Normally $257, Special Price $190! Click here to view the kit.

Kickwax Kit Special

Everything you need to have great classic skis for years to come, all in one purchase at a steep discount! Includes one each of these kick waxes: 

  • Rode Green
  • Rode Blue Multigrade
  • Rode Super Blue
  • Rode Weiss
  • Rode Super Extra Blue
  • Rode Violet
  • Rode Violet Multigrade
  • Rode Red Extra
  • Guru Red
  • Guru Hallgeir Extreme
  • Guru Super Hallgeir
  • Rode Synthetic Cork

Normal price: $201, special kit price $179.
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Klister Kit Special

Klister? It’s a necessity and it isn’t easy to know what to get. Here is the pack that makes the best skis for years to come. Includes one each klister:

  • Rode Blue
  • Rode Violet Special
  • Rode Violet
  • Rode Rossa Special
  • Rode Rossa
  • Rode Multigrade
  • Guru Extreme 39
  • Guru Extreme 39 Hard
  • Rode synthetic cork
  • 20m roll of fiberlene for cleaning

This kit is normally-$200. Special Deal-$179!
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