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Rode Klister 60g tube

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Swix Klister Nero KN44 (-3/5 C)

Start Klister 55g tube

As low as $22.00

Start Base Klister – base klister to keep kickwaxing steady and prevent wax wearing.

Start Red Klister - Standard klister for wet conditions

Start Special Klister - Standard klister for zero conditions. 2°...-2°C

Start Purple Klister - Standard klister for humid, coarse grained and icy tracks. 0°...-5°C

Start Blue Klister - Standard klister for icy tracks. -4°...-15°C

Start Universal Wide Klister - Universal klister for variable snow conditions. 10°...-5°C

Start Universal Plus Klister - Wet snow universal and blending klister. 10°...1°C

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