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Start Racing Fluor Kick Wax

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Start MFW Yellow Kick

Start MFW Blue Kick


START MFW molybdenum fluor kick waxes - new and old snow, humidity over 55%

-3°...-10°C (27°...14°F)
55%...100% Humidity

In humid conditions, snow surface is often dirty and tracks get shiny and the suction (liquid friction)
decreases glide, which also makes it difficult to get a good grip. You can then select a softer grip wax than the
temperature would require, but it absorbs dirt and moisture, which in turn lessers glide.A better solution is
to use a molybdenum fluor grip wax, in which molybdenum’s density has been used to prevent moiture from
absorbing into the wax. On the other hand, fluor has been used to lower the wax’s surface tension, which
increases greatly both grip and glide properties. MFW grip waxes’ molybdenum brings density into the wax
mixture, which repels effectively dirt and moisture. MFW series molybdenum fluor grip waxes are in basic
nature softer than normal waxes and give a better grip in humid conditions. Particularly in humid conditions,
START MFW molybdenum fluor grip waxes are easier to ski with than standard waxes. 

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