Start Synthetic Kick Base

Start Synthetic Kick Base

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Start Synthetic Kick Wax

Start Tar (Terva) Kick Wax

Start Tar (Terva) Start Tar kick waxes are best suited for fresh snow conditions but due to their unique thermoplastic properties, can be used in a variety of applications. Can be used as an everyday wax if you are often on fresh snow. 

As low as $12.00

Tar is naturally water repellant and prevents icing on your skis in fresh snow conditions. The thermoplastic property of the wax means that the hardness of the wax varies by temperature. In colder temperatures, the wax hardens on the outside to form a hard cover to improve gliding performance while maintaining the cushion of the wax underneath. Start Terva can be used as a speed cover, or mix in racing. It excels in situations where other waxes are icing.

Application: Apply Start Terva in many thin layers. To apply, rub wax on the kick zone of the ski. Smooth with a synthetic cork. Apply more layers as necessary.

  • Yellow PLUS +2º...+½º C (37...33F)
  • Purple ZERO +½º...-½º C (33...31F)
  • Red TWO 0º... -3º C (32...27F)
  • Blue FIVE -2º... -7º C (28...20F)
  • Green TEN -7º...-12º C (20...10F)
  • Black MINUS -10º...-30º C (14...-22F)
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