As the season draws to a close there are a few simple things you can do as you put your skis away for the summer that will make a big difference next season. Being on top of your ski care now will mean that your skis will get faster over the summer and be ready to go when the snow flies next fall. 

We outline how to handle this yourself, or we can do the work for you. We offer a BNS Summer Ski Prep special for $45 that thoroughly cleans the skis, then saturates and protects the bases in our hot box. Check out our ski care videos on YouTube for further details on any of these steps.

  1. Inspect your bases - is it time for a stone grind? Spring and summer are the perfect time to have your skis stone ground. Take a look at your skis; are they scratched up? Is the structure starting to look uneven and washed out? Are there slight discolorations in the base? Has it been three or more years since they have been ground? Stone grinding not only provides a precise and effective structure but also exposes fresh base material which improves wax absorption, especially if your bases are burned or sealed. You're always welcome to bring your skis to one of our shops for an evaluation. Check out the stone grinding page on for more information and instructions on getting your skis to us.
  2. Clean your skis: When cleaning classic skis, use a wax remover to clean your kick zone. Also, be sure to clean any kick wax that may be on your sidewalls and top sheet of the ski. For skin skis, use a special skin cleaner to get all of the dirt out of the skins. Apply a skin wax after the cleaner has evaporated. Start cleaning the glide zones on your skis with a metal brush (fine steel or bronze). Use a glide zone cleaner to remove dirt and fluoros from your glide zones. When cleaning skate skis, use a glide zone cleaner from tip to tail. The difference between a wax remover and glide zone cleaner is that removers are designed to dissolve all wax (including glide wax) whereas glide zone cleaners remove dirt and fluoros without removing the accumulated (and beneficial) paraffin wax in your glide zones. Use a fine steel brush after cleaning.
  3. Apply storage wax: The best waxes for storage are on the softer end of the spectrum; think Holmenkol Beta Mix, Alpha Mix, Rode R40, R50, Swix PS8, or PS10. Apply a generous amount of wax to your glide zones, this will ensure protection from scratches and exposure to dust.
  4. Store in a cool place: Skis prefer to be stored in a cool place. Hot garages and attics might seem like a good place to have a summer-long hot box, but, the prolonged exposure to heat could have negative long-term effects on your skis.
  5. Release any tension on your skis: If you use straps or other devices that hold your skis tightly together, be sure to loosen them before storage as to ensure that the camber of your skis will not be under any pressure or tension. As with storing in a hot place, this can cause issues with your skis down the road.

As always, if you have questions, call one of our shops: 877-BNS-SKIS.