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Swix High Speed Glide Wax 180g

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Swix Performance Speed Glide Wax 180g

Swix High Speed Glide Wax 60g

Swix High Speed Glide wax are great gliders for training and competition with very good glide properties and excellent durability. Fluoro-free and non-toxic. Replaces the Swix LFX line of glide waxes.

As low as $35.00

HS5 Turquoise, -10°C/-18°C. Great durability.

HS6 Blue, -6°C/-12°C. Fantastic allround glider.

HS7 Violet, -2°C/-8°C. Great in typical winter conditions.

HS8 Red, -4°C/+4°C.  A versatile wax in conditions around zero.

HS10 Yellow, 0°C/+10°C.  A great wax in warm conditions.


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Manufacturer Swix
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Manufacturer Swix
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