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Toko Nordic Base Grip Wax 70mL

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Gallium Power Booster Liquid

Swix Liquid Kick Wax

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Swix Liquid Grip/Kick Wax inherit their qualities from the traditional V-series of waxes. The liquid grip is sprayed on the ski and allowed to dry. In our tests, they have shown superior durability and wide ranges in new and fine-grained snow.​

  • V40L Blue Grip -2C to -15C (28F to 5F)
  • V50L Violet Grip 0C to -3C (32F to 27F)
  • V60L Red Grip 0C to +3C (32F to 38F)

70mL/2.5 fl oz.

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Manufacturer Swix
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Manufacturer Swix
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