Swix PS Polar Powder 30g -14°C/-32°C

Swix PS Polar Powder 30g -14°C/-32°C

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Swix PS Polar Glide Wax 180g -14°C/-32°C

Swix PS Polar Glide Wax 60g -14°C/-32°C

Perfect when extremely cold!

Great wax for extra cold conditions, with high durability on aggressive snow, and excellent dry-friction properties.

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Swix PS Polar is a non-fluorinated iron-in wax for extremely cold conditions. It can be used alone as a race wax when the air humidity is low or combined with other waxes to add durability and "cool them down". It performs very well on artificial snow and has great durability. The iron should move across the ski no longer than approx. 8-10 sec. on a skating or alpine ski. The wax can be re-heated after cooling to room temperature (10 min) for better durability. Scrape after cooling for approximately one minute. It is important to have a good iron to get an efficient melting of the wax. In the warmer part of the temperature range, and when high air humidity, a powder or other topcoat product will increase performance. Recommended iron temp: 155°C (311°F). Replaces CHX4.

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Manufacturer Swix
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