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Camps and Clinics


Boulder Nordic Sport Camps offer an exciting way to learn about skiing, balancing your passion for the sport with real-life demands.  In all of our programs, quality coaches and athletes share their knowledge with you in a variety of fun, enlightening ways that will leave you with a wealth of information, ideas, and energy to apply to your dreams - whatever they may be. Call 877-BNS-Skis for details.

Boulder Nordic Sport Events generally focus on technique development, yet somehow we find a way to ski enough to be really tired and hungry at the end of every day.  Whether it is an afternoon clinic at your local ski trails or a ten-day adventure in New Zealand, we have a fun way for you to immerse yourself in skiing and rapidly improve your knowledge and ability in all aspects of the sport.




Wax Clinics at all BNS locations, December through mid-February.








Boulder Nordic Sport (BNS) offers a varied schedule of presentations about cross-country skiing most weeks beginning in December at all three locations. Each clinic will include a short presentation followed by an open wax night where BNS will provide benches and tools for waxing.  Bring your skis and wax and our experts will help you figure it all out.  Each week will have a special sale related to the clinic. Call your local BNS for dates, times and details!