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 Stone Grinding

We are in the process of moving our stone grinding setup back to Boulder HQ and will be up and running again in June. We will be on the summer schedule of of approximately one batch per month once we are set up. We will pick up the pace again in late August as the skis arrive from our hand-selection from Europe. Give us a call if you have any questions.


Stone Grinding: How To Get It Done:

  1. Prepare your skis.
  2. Download and fill out a work order form.
  3. You have two ways to get your skis to us:
    1. Drop them off at one of our shops in Boulder, CO or Portland, ME.
    2. Ship them to us in Boulder, CO.  
      DO NOT ship grind skis to the Minneapolis or Portland stores!

Ship skis for stone grinding to:

Boulder Nordic Sport
629K S Broadway
Boulder, CO 80305


Please ship all grind skis to our Boulder, Colorado location as we are no longer grinding in Minneapolis. We will be doing batches roughly monthly May-September. We ramp up in October and start to do weekly batches in November.


Standard Grind Schedule (October-March):

The cutoff for our batches is Monday by noon with a target of completion Thursday at 4PM, including hot boxing.  Please be aware that the grinding process is often finicky and if we run into trouble, the target completion is just that - a target that may have to be moved in order to provide the best quality.  We would rather get you a great grind than buzz the skis out the door and make a deadline.  But we will make every effort to keep to this schedule.

Please do what you can to help us do a better job for you.  Please send in clean skis and include complete work order forms so we don't have to track you down to get information.  Also to ensure that you are not in a hurry - send in your skis over the summer or well before you need them.  The best work comes off the machine when we have time to cut the stone perfectly and dial in the structure just right.

Hot Box: Get skis in before 4PM Monday or Wednesday, receive your skis by 3PM Tuesday or Thursday.  We are also running a Friday HB now, with completion by Monday afternoon.
Grind Batch Cutoff: Monday noon

Grind Schedule March 15-September 1

The spring/summer grind schedule is variable based on batch size and when it makes sense to run skis.  We are running batches through the spring and summer, but if you have a deadline before October, please contact us to verify that we can meet that schedule and we can probably make it work.  Please get your skis to us as early as possible - we do our best work in the summer when we are not rushed and then you get skis well before you need them in the fall, without any stress.