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Skis received at BNS Midwest in Minneapolis after December 18 will not be done until at least January 19!

December/January Stone Grinding ScheduleUpdate

Due to holiday scheduling and the upcoming U.S. National Cross Country Championships in Anchorage, AK, our stone grinding will be operating on a limited schedule in December.

If you've got skis that need to be ground before January, it is important that they are received at our store in Minneapolis by the dates listed below.

For those dropping skis off at other BNS locations, please call to check on the cutoff date to drop your skis.

Stone grinding batch schedule:
  • December 11—target completion date: December 15*
  • December 18—target completion date: December 22*
  • January 15—target completion date: January 19*

*Target completion date does not include shipping from BNS Midwest to pickup locations.

We've broken down our stone grinding menus into a simple menu and an expanded racing menu.  We recommend our core grinds on the simple menu as the starting point for everyone. These three broad-range structures provide a solid foundation to handle every condition, whether you have one pair of skis or twenty.  The reality is that snow conditions vary wildly and sometimes we need structures to complement our broad-range core grinds.  The expanded racing menus highlight our core grinds in the middle, but you'll also find the rest of the structure that have proven themselves worthy of being in our primary repertoire.

Our Simple Grind Menu is based on how many pairs of skis you have in your fleet. Ninety-five percent of racers have one, two or three pairs of skis, and we recommend different mixes of our core grinds based on how many skis you have to work with. To find the right mix of grinds for your fleet, choose skate/classic and then pick the grinds that are highlighted for the number of pairs of skis you have.

Every region has unique snow conditions. Skiers in the dry Mountain West will want to adjust toward the colder end of the menu, while skiers in the Northwest and California should consider moving to the warmer end of the spectrum. We are always happy to consult with individuals and teams to make recommendations that keep your life simple but ensure you get the best we have to offer.

BNS Skate Grind Menu