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V2 XL150S Skate Rollerski

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SkiGo Carbon Rollerski NIS Skate

V2 XLA98M Skate Rollerski

Medium speed rubber wheel skate ski mounted with four W98F wheels. 


The V2-XLA98  series Skate Ski is built with a strong aluminum shaft (6061 T6), produced by one of the most precise extruders in the United States. The only extrusion company that met all the specifications imposed by a major military contractor is the same company that now extrudes these roller ski shafts.  The shafts are protected with a clear anodic coating.   The four XLA98 models are identical except for wheel speed. The XLA98F is fast, The XLA98M is medium, the XLA98MS is medium slow and the XLA98S is slow. The rolling resistance of the slow wheels is increased using our patented ISR (internal speed reducer) that weighs only 10 grams. The wheel forks, with the built-in fenders, use the same strong Du Pont™ composite material employed on the V2-900 and V2-800 series for many years.

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Manufacturer V2
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Manufacturer V2
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